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3rd Edition

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The AICM is the offline meeting place for high-level  investors and agribusiness looking to unlocking their capital and investments.

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Welcome to AICM 2023

Welcome2Africa International presents the third edition of the annual Agri-Investment and Capital Markets Conference (AICM2023). This year's Conference is positioned to showcase and facilitate various agri-investment opportunities and ensure that it develops innovative solutions to the various challenges agribusinesses face when trying to access finance. Also, explore how capital market instruments can solve issues of access to finance, and the opportunities for capital market operators in investing across various agriculture value chains.

AICM2023 will bring together chief stakeholders in the capital markets, financial institutions, investors and agricultural ecosystems in Nigeria. The AICM 2023 is positioned to facilitate real-time investment into agribusiness, and also build a link between investors, off-takers donors, development agencies and agribusinesses.



Network with over 200 delegates from countries around the world



Interact with over 25 institutional investors to gain valuable insights on the industry trends



Discuss the most pertinent issue impacting the industry with over 20 industry expert speakers


Exceptional Organisations

Will receive the prestigious W2A Awards in their respective categories


Our speakers present actionable insights, data-driven knowledge and innovative ideas on agri-businesses and the capital market.

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Jude Onemolease

Durandel Limited

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Ikenna Nwezi

CEO, Releaf

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Pankaj Chawla

Country Head, Valency Agro

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Olumide Ojo

Chief of Party, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA)

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Francis Nwalibe

Investment & Trade Lead, W2A

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Jumoke Benson

CEO, Agrout Limited

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Chuka Mordi

Managing Director, Ellah Lakes PLC

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Oluwafunto Olasemo

VP, Financial Markets, AFEX

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Lamido Yuguda

Director General, SEC

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Alok Gupta

MD, African Industries Group

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Suren Abeywickrema

Vice President, ARISE Integrated Industrial Platform (Arise IIP)

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Tajudeen Abubakar

Innovative Finance Manager, Heifer Nigeria

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Rufus Idris

Country Director, Heifer International

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Emeka Ngene

Group CEO, DLM Capital Group

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Oluwayomi Owoseye

Head Research Department, Welcome2Africa International

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Samuel Akame

Team Lead, Credence

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Lola Masha

Deputy Managing Director, Babban Gona

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Yvonne Ezekiel

Managing Partner, OAM Legal

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Ayodele Olaleye

Head,Agric Insurance, Veritas Insurance

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Akwugo Onuekwusi

Associate Investment Director, ARAF

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Debo Abodunrin

CEO, Truvis Agro

Samirah Ade-Adebiyi.jpg

Adebayo Araoye

Capital Market Specialist, FSD AFrica

Who is attending AICM?


The fastest growing

agri-businesses in



Major capital

market players


The biggest investors

in the agriculture



A lot of profitable

and cashflow




service providers

Plus reps, employees and owners of many of these companies and more:

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One pass, three sections

You will get access to


3 Powerful Panelist Sessions

Over 3 hours of expert-level content presented by some of the biggest players and thought leaders in the agriculture and capital market ecosystem.

deal room_edited.jpg

A Captivating Deal Room

Looking for the next agri-business unicorn, make sure you join our deal room. The deal room component provides investors with agribusiness deals


An Engaging Trade Section

The AICM2023 trade section will open opportunities for agro-commodity producers to present their products to off-takers.


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