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THEME: Investing in Innovations for a Resilient and Sustainable Energy Ecosystem

July 22nd - 26th, 2024 I Nigeria

Building Relationships for Success in Nigeria's Energy Industry
While personal connections are important throughout Africa, Nigeria's energy sector offers substantial opportunities. Here, you can develop strong partnerships that fuel your business growth.

We understand the value of face-to-face interaction. We can help you navigate the market effectively and ensure a safe and successful visit to establish those key relationships in Nigeria.

Off-grid Energy Deals for State in Nigeria

Energy Portfolio Deals 


Visit to State in Needs of Off-grid Energy Solution

22nd - 24th July 2024

In alignment with the Nigerian Energy Transition Plan, Welcome2Africa International is facilitating off-grid energy investments tailored for various states in Nigeria. This initiative aims to align with the country's vision for sustainable energy development by connecting investors with decentralized energy projects. These projects include the establishment of mini-grids and standalone solar systems in states across Nigeria. 


Physical Meetings with Energy Solutions Companies  

22nd - 24th July 2024

Get in the same room with pre-vetted energy solutions companies actively seeking investment for expansion. Eliminate the time and effort of cold-calling and allow your focus on high-potential deals with specific needs that align with your  investment ticket size

Operational and Service Partnership 

Nigeria Energy Investment Forum 2024


Technical Experts, Technological Solutions 

22nd - 24th July 2024

As Nigeria advances in energy generation and technology, higher technical expertise and more efficient technology are needed. This mission puts you in the same room with pre-arranged companies actively seeking new partnerships for the technical operations of their business for expansion and new business opportunities. 


Nigeria Energy Investment Forum (NEIF2024) 

22nd - 24th July 2024

NEIF2024 conference brings together over 200+ leading energy companies,  investment firms, private investors, government, technology and service providers to network, and explore energy investment opportunities and solutions to enhance and improve the Nigerian energy sector.

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