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Welcome2Africa International is on a mission to bolster the wheat production in Nigeria by bringing together key stakeholders, including foreign investors and seed manufacturers, with local stakeholders, this initiative promises to revolutionize Nigeria's wheat industry. This program, scheduled to take place from May 21, 2023, to May 27, 2023, will be a game-changer for the wheat industry in Nigeria. It aims to adopt best practices, build capacity, and engage foreign stakeholders to deliver exceptional results for both the Nigerian wheat industry and its foreign partners. The program is not just about increasing wheat production; it's about promoting sustainable and profitable wheat production in Nigeria, making a significant impact on the local economy.

This initiative is a transformative movement that seeks to create a brighter future for Nigeria's wheat industry. With visits to various farmers and wheat processing factories, stakeholders will have a unique opportunity to see first-hand the potential of Nigeria's wheat industry and how they can benefit and contribute to its growth. If you are an investor, wheat seed manufacturer or wheat flour processor interested in the Nigerian wheat industry, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Let's work together to drive the growth and success of the Nigerian wheat industry.

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