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Malaysia Oil Palm Study Tour

23rd - 29th July

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Explore Malaysia's Vibrant Palm Oil Plantations and Witness the Intersection of Agriculture, Environment, and Culture!

Join Us On The Malaysia Oil Palm Study Tour

The tour will involve visits to relevant sites such as oil palm plantations, processing mills, and research institutions. The participants will also have the opportunity to interact and network with Malaysian oil palm industry experts and learn about their best practices, strategies, and policies, exposure to best practices, innovative technologies, and policies, improved productivity and competitiveness, networking and collaboration opportunities, potential partnerships and investments, and international attention and support. Thereby helping Nigerian stakeholders to develop new ideas, techniques, and technologies that can be applied to improve the productivity and efficiency of the Nigerian oil palm industry.

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Let's Explore Malaysia Together

Delegate Fee

Fee Covers:
• Lunch for 5 days in Malaysia.
• Local logistics cost within Malaysia during the site visit.
• 5-day knowledge-sharing session preparation.
• Diner ceremony cost including, entrainment and refreshment. 
• Research and documentation and report production.  
• Planning and coordination.


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