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Project and Programs Management


Our project/program management is typically designed to attract and/or facilitate investments and trade, with a focus on Nigeria’s Agricultural sector.  We work with our clients to establish clients' project briefs, timeline, and budget, determine governance and reporting requirements; form the project team and nurture their performance; react to and manage change; and monitor, manage and troubleshoot throughout the project lifecycle.


In view of our global network, we have the capacity to build alliances and coordinate partnerships across the value chain, in order to drive investments, trade, and finance. Our project and programs management service typically have the following objectives 

  • Linking the farmers with markets and conclude delivery contracts with private actors;

  • Strengthen the organizational and operational capacities of farmers’ organizations to respond to market actual and potential demands

  • Professionalize the farmers to increase their margins and strengthen their organizations, improve production, in order to have joint access to the markets;

  • Moving products through the global supply chain and managing trade inspection at export and import.

  • Marketing, Profile Raising (PR), Access to Finance & Markets

Our project management service covers a spectrum of roles that can be delivered either individually or as an integrated set of inputs tailored to particular client needs.

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