Stakeholder Engagement

and Events 


In view of the plethora of opportunities and challenges in Africa, we have found that different stakeholders often have different interests, and in order to progress respective goals, these interests need to be understood, shared, and in some cases aligned. Thus, we organize a series of thought-leading conferences and seminars either on a specific topic or as a means to gather numerous stakeholders to the same place to address an issue related to trade, investments, and finance. These events not only bring topics relevant to investors, financiers, and key stakeholders to the market and share best practices but also provide a focused platform to showcase viable investment opportunities. 


We initiate our own events, but we also do so on behalf of our clients to address relevant topics and drive effective stakeholder engagements. We are particular about content, and for all our conferences, workshops, and forums we take the time to ensure we create thought-provoking yet relevant content, whilst also working with our clients to ensure we have the right stakeholders in the room.