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Welcome2Africa International (W2A) is inviting investors to join our investor club which connects them to exceptional founders who are turning Africa’s most difficult challenges into global businesses. The W2A Investor Club presents a unique opportunity to get involved in investing in “The Next Billion-Dollar Company”. We remove the barriers of investing by giving you access to vetted and verified startups with the potential to scale. It is an exclusive membership club that gives you the opportunity to invest alongside other co-investors on a deal-by-deal basis. We cater to investors who want to fund the foundations of the NEXT African economy. 


Benefits of the Welcome2Africa Investor Club



Enrolment into our Investment Club Platform.


Startup Brief

This includes information about the startup’s industry, the problem it’s solving, its business model, and founding team.


Detailed Pitch Deck

A detailed pitch deck we co-create with the company.


Data Room Access

This includes an investment memo as well as necessary due diligence data.


Q&A with Team

A meetup with the founding team where you can ask all your questions and gain more insight.



Advisory and market insights via webinars, reports, and newsletters


Network Expansion

Expansion of your professional network amongst relevant industry stakeholders. 



Guaranteed access to select W2A events.

Welcome2Africa International is a UK-based operating entity ​​

  • What are the risks involved in investing?
    Early-stage investments are high risk, but at Welcome2Africa International we thoroughly vet the Startups and founders that we present to the club. Also, venture capital especially at the early stage is unpredictable, you can make multiple on your investment or lose your money. However, we counter the risk of failure by leveraging our operating expertise to provide active management and coaching for innovators. it is also of importance to know that investment is a risk and W2A is not liable for any losses incurred while investing.
  • How are returns calculated?
    Returns differ by start-up and chosen investment instrument, the W2A Investment Team will advise on the best terms based on your investment needs. Returns are proportional to amounts invested less our carry or commission for equity or debt respectively.
  • When do I get returns on investment?
    Investing via debt provides faster repayments from a couple of months to five years. However, investing via equity is longer-term with exits happening between 3 - 10 years through acquisition, merger, IPO, or secondary sale.
  • How much can I invest?
    A minimum of $2,500 investment is all that is required when deciding to participate in a deal.
  • Must I invest in the companies that are sent to me?
    No, you must not. Choosing the companies to invest in is entirely your prerogative. We simply present you with full information about companies and then you can decide to co-invest or not. If you do choose to invest in a company, it is important that you commit to the deal on our funding platform and wire your funds as soon as you can!
  • What is Carry?
    Carry is a percentage of positive returns generated by the investment, for example, let’s say you invest $1000 in one of our start-ups. If the investment returns $2000, you would first get your $1000 and then we would earn 20% of what is left – 20%* ($2,000-$1,000) = $200
  • Is membership to the W2A Investment Club free?
    Yes, it’s free, the W2A Investment Club does not charge for membership.
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