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Agriculture is the future of everything

Ope Babalola MD Webb Fontaine: Agriculture is the future of everything If we are going to continue to live.

It was an atmosphere of praise and admiration as staff of Welcome2Africa International (W2A) paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Ope Babalola, Managing Director of Webb Fontaine Nigeria Limited a company that develop a new-generation IT system that takes Trade and Customs Process to the next level. During this visit, a presentation of W2A’s Program and plans to facilitate more trade, investment, and finance into Nigeria's Agriculture and Maritime sectors were outlined.

During the visit, Mr. Ope Babalola highlighted those efforts have been put into Agriculture financing and value-add in West African countries like Ghana, in Côte d'Ivoire, and others. He expressed worries over oversight of Agricultural investment in Nigeria.

He also expresses appreciation for W2A efforts towards facilitating investments into Nigeria's agricultural sector saying “The people who are really smart are doing what you guys are doing. Agriculture is the future of everything. If we are going to continue to live, so it definitely is the place to focus on.”

The CEO Welcome2Africa International, Bamidele Seun Owoola, also highlighted the importance of some of the organization’s programs like the Agri-Finance Study and Farm Tour Germany in April, which will help improve knowledge of Agri-investors in Nigeria of which registration is ongoing, and the upcoming Nigeria Seaport Forum in June which is geared towards improving activities in the seaports in Nigeria other than Lagos, amongst others.

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