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This is the second edition of the Agri-Investment and Capital Markets Conference. This conference is about bringing chief stakeholders in the capital markets, finance and agriculture ecosystems in Nigeria both public and private sector to assess the current status of the capital markets and non-conventional financial markets in Nigeria to expose, highlight and create opportunities to support agribusinesses in Nigeria.


  • Improving capital markets literacy to improve investor participation and create financial inclusion.

  • Explore how policymakers and regulators can further promote sustainable and integrated securities markets, Investor protection and enhance global coordination and converged capital markets regulation for agribusiness development in Nigeria

  • Showcase innovative financial instruments that are available through Nigerian capital markets to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios – through the showcase of viable opportunities with a focus on high-value commodities, and explore mechanisms that need to be in place to establish effective investor protection and financial stability.

  • Engage critical stakeholders and actors to holistically ex-ray the Nigerian capital market, its policies, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Examine and shape the preparedness of agribusinesses to utilize opportunities in the capital markets

  • Discuss how public sector finance along with capital markets can support the agricultural sector to ensure national food security.

  • Discuss collective investment schemes as an option for investors

  • Infrastructure financing and capital market

  • Dissemination of information to agribusiness on capital market investment

Date: Thursday, 26th May, 2022

Time: 9:00am

Venue: Southern Sun, Ikoyi, Lagos

Early Bird Fee: N75,000



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