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My African Entrepreneurial Journal

With the term 'Africa on the rise' now part of everyday conversation, what does the term actually mean to me?

That term means so much to me, infact most of my visions and plans are based around that term.

Historically and even now Africa has been seen as a continent with many challenges, but the exciting thing about that is, is that for every challenge in Africa poses a significant opportunity. Which makes Africa is ripe for entrepreneurs like myself.

An entrepreneur is a leader of excellence, trailblazer and pioneer who constantly brings change to their generation. ~ Onyi Anyado. What does this quote mean to me and how do I think it relates to me as an entrepreneur?

The quote is excellent. An entrepreneur becomes an entrepreneur when they identify a ‘problem’, and does something about it.

Now, there is nothing easy about turning an idea into a reality, but the trials to make the idea a reality enthuses excellence. Thus allowing an entrepreneur to make Pioneer moves.

What advice can I give to young budding African entrepreneurs, who want to become distinguished?

Well to the Africans outside Africa, I would they advise spend extensive time in Africa to explore ways they could contribute to the development of Africa.

I would also encourage youth in Africa to consider agribusiness start-up. Which will enable them to tap into a trillion dollar business. The potential of Agribusiness in Africa, is a timebomb waiting to explode.

More so for the Africans in general id like to reinforce that the private sector has a major role to play in the development of Africa, and theres no need to wait for the government before one attempts to turn ideas into reality.

Government officials do not have two heads, and the private sector has a role to support the government (and vice versa). We need to get rid of the idea that the development of Africa is down to the government. No! The development of Africa is down to the people of Africa.

In regards to my vision, where do I see myself in five years time?

Well in 5 years time I would still be under 30, and I have a long list of things I’d like to do in respect to Africa before I turn 30.

I hope to have hosted at least 5 Investment Summit Across Africa, focussed oncatalysing Investment into Africa’s Agriculture/Agribusiness sector. With the first one taking place November 17-18 2015 in Accra, Ghana.

I also see myself living in Nigeria. by the end of 2015/ beginning of 2016.

Also through the various company initiatives we would have had a strong hand in encouraging, influencing and facilitating at least $1billion worth of investments in Africa across different sectors, especially the agricultural/agribusiness sector.

Thus creating thousands of Jobs across Africa.

Moreso I hope to have established a CSR (corporate social responsibility) arm toWelcome2Africa, that supports humanitarian and social issues.

Music/Artist management – is also an area of interest for me. There’s so much talent in Africa in need of the right management.

There are many things I see myself being in 5 years, but ultimately I see myself being well recognised change agent for Africa. Where I would be using my experiences to help and inspire others.

There are many problems and challenges facing Africa as a continent but as a change agent….…. I am passionately believe, the opportunities in Africa are enormous. My longest stretch in Africa was 9 months, whilst I was producing my documentaries. This gave me the chance to explore and gain proper insight to the varieties of opportunities that exist in Africa.

I am currently focused on the Agricultural opportunities in the continent. Africa’s population is stands at over 1.1 billion, and Africa’s fast emerging middle class is now comprised of over 300million people, agriculture must rise to feed these growing numbers, In addition to this the continent home to 60% of the world’s total uncultivated arable land – There is your opportunity!

There’ll be a business opportunity for Agri-manufacturers, and marketing of products such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds as well as the demand for food processing services.

There is also room for local and foreign investors to partner with

agribusinesses in Africa. In addition to this there is an increasing demand for Food; Africa potentially can meet that demand, providing we mobilize investments into Africa’s Agricultural sector.

Beyond Agriculture, with rising interest in Africa, rising middle class, and a surge of people wanting to go back to Africa, there are enormous opportunities in real estate – that sector will definitely boom, along with telecommunications, consumer goods and financial services.

Energy is another interesting sector, especially renewable energy eg Solar.

Tourism is also an opportunity. Ironically enough when I first conceived Welcome2Africa, I wanted to reveal the positive cultural, political, social and economic transformations and developments in Africa that are often overlooked within current affairs, broadcasted documentaries and publications. I wanted to use tourism to address the re-orientation of the misrepresented perceptions of the African continent whilst exposing new developments, possibilities and opportunities that exist in individual African Countries (and as it goes there’s a few tourist related initiatives in the pipleline too).

Infrastructure is another opportunity. – there is a lot to fix!

And as a former music promoter – and a passionate Afrobeat advocate, I believe there is huge opportunity in Africa’s music industry – African musicians will soon dominate the global music industry. – ( I also have plans to have a hand in that that too).

Finally as an entrepreneur, what does Africa mean to me

Africa means the world to me.

Finally as an entrepreneur, what does Africa mean to me

Africa means the world to me.



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