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Welcome2Africa International, under the leadership of our CEO Bamidele Seun Owoola, was honored to host senior representatives from Save the Children International at our office in Abuja. This meeting focused on exploring potential collaborations to foster collective growth and resilience in vulnerable communities.

Save the Children International, alongside Mercy Corps (Lead Implementers) and IFDC (Co-implementers), plays a pivotal role in the Feed the Future Rural Resilience Activity (RRA). This initiative is designed to promote systemic change in market systems, facilitating economic recovery and growth in areas affected by conflict. By empowering vulnerable households, communities, and systems, the RRA aims to enhance their capacity to cope with current shocks and stresses and to prepare for future challenges.

During this high-level meeting, we discussed developing inclusive models for deepening private sector participation in building resilient food systems. Emphasizing sustainable growth and market linkages, the discussions aimed at creating innovative solutions to enhance economic resilience.

The meeting saw participation from key figures including: Ihechi Nwarie, Abubakar Babajide, Igwe Chidozie, and Veronique Paz.

We at Welcome2Africa International are committed to pioneering efforts that foster sustainable development and economic resilience. This collaboration with Save the Children International pledges our dedication to creating inclusive and impactful solutions for communities in need.

About Welcome2Africa International:

Welcome2Africa International is dedicated to facilitating trade and investment opportunities across Africa, with a focus on key sectors such as agriculture, maritime, energy and solid minerals. Our mission is to create pathways for sustainable development and economic growth through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.

About Save the Children International:

Save the Children International is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide. Through various programs and initiatives, the organization works to ensure that children in vulnerable and conflict-affected areas have access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for a better future.



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