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Opportunities in Nigeria’s Leather Industry: Inspired by the Nyashii Story

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Amongst many investment opportunities in Nigeria, some ventures stand out not only for their financial potential but also for their rich narratives and cultural significance. The Nyashii brand, although a name that resonates with craftsmanship, and luxury, is one such business that offers investors and clients a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Let's take a look at what makes Nyashii interesting and how it benefits you.

Nyashii sources its leather, accessories, and workmanship from both local and international markets. Currently, Nigeria is the 6th largest exporter of leather in the world. Locations like Zaria, Mushin in Lagos, and Challawa, Kano state contribute to the rich tapestry of materials that form each Nyashii creation. What sets Nyashii apart is its unrelenting commitment to detail and finishing. Nyashii’s products include shoes, casual leather footwear, and bags, all crafted with diligently sourced, high-quality leather materials.

Originally founded in 2021 by budding financier, Meck Emmanuel, the roots of Nyashii trace back to childhood experiences from the ancient Jaba tribe in Nigeria, where it symbolizes "Great Hunter." The name exemplifies the legacy of Sah Nyashi, Meck’s grandfather and legendary hunter from the community of Ramindop in Kaduna-South, Kaduna state, Nigeria. The 'Nyashii’ brand encapsulates this legacy, crafting exquisite and premium leather products that can stand the test of time.

A Diverse Client Base

In the span of just 18 months, Nyashii has amassed a dedicated clientele of over 500 individuals who appreciate the brand's commitment to premium quality. This rapid growth is a testament to the massive market opportunities available in Nigeria’s leather industry. An industry Meck estimates to be worth billions of dollars. Currently, the fine-leather business in Nigeria is dominated by imports from Italy, Turkey and other countries. A paradoxical reality considering that Nigeria’s livestock capacity ought to be self-sufficient to export not only raw leather but also finished leather.

Empowering Communities

Over time, Nyashii has become a driving force that empowers communities along its value chain. Since 2021, more than 100 stakeholders, including artisans, tanneries, and retailers, have been supported and empowered through the Nyashii manufacturing process. By fostering local talent and collaborating with skilled craftsmen, the brand breathes and impacts lives through the art of leather craftsmanship.

Nyashii’s Performance and Potential

In 2022, Nyashii achieved a revenue milestone of exceeding N12 million, reflecting the brand's growing influence and appeal. This success demonstrates the market's appetite for meticulously crafted leather products that bear the stamp of heritage and luxury.

Aspiring for Tomorrow

Looking ahead, Nyashii has bold aspirations. The brand aims to establish itself as Africa's premier leather goods producer by consistently delivering high-quality products and exceptional services to a diverse and discerning clientele. Currently, Nyashii has invested a lot into using technology to improve the quality of leather products making investors who align with Nyashii not only embrace a profitable venture but also support a cultural narrative that bridges the past and the present.

As the world begins to adopt sustainable ways to do business, investment decisions are driven by both financial potential and emotional resonance, Nyashii presents a unique opportunity. Leather for Nyashii’s products are sourced using livestock in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. While Nyashii aspires to raise $2 million for the biggest tannery in Nigeria, Welcome2Africa International is committed to sharing the story of businesses like Nyashii to not only attract investments but to also show the limitless capabilities of Africans.

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