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The Nigerian Seaports Investment Forum

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The Nigerian Seaports Investment Forum is a collaborative effort in the private sector to drive investment into the maritime sector in Nigeria, to improve trade through reducing the bottleneck associated with the Nigerian seaport. The program will hold from the 28th till the 29th of September, 2022. It will bring together stakeholders in the maritime space to discuss the challenges while driving investment to the seaports through the Nigerian Seaport Investment Forum.

This is the first time a program will look to draw attention to all the six functioning ports in Nigeria with the intention of driving investments in billions of dollars into the Nigerian maritime sector. The organizers of the program, Welcome2Africa International, a giant private trade and investment facilitation company, say the program will serve as a platform for investors to secure major advantages and opportunities present at the port.

A series of challenges and bottlenecks present milestone opportunities for investors in the areas of infrastructure, technology, dredging, port equipment, security, logistics, and training at the various ports, including the Lagos Apapa port, Tin Can Island port, Calabar port, Delta Warri port, Rivers port, and the Onne port.

The newly built Lekki deep seaport in Lagos, Nigeria, which is alleged to commence operation by December this year, will also be a part of the conversation. Issues bordering on road linkage to the Lekki port will be addressed to enable smooth trade that will ensure Nigeria to reap the benefit of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), thereby catalyzing the Nigerian economy.



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