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Investment and Trade Facilitation

​Investment opportunities in Africa are endless. Agribusiness in Africa is potentially a multi-trillion-dollar industry but navigating your way through these opportunities can be a daunting task. Effective deal sourcing not only means being able to identify, evaluate, and execute deals that are currently on the market but also being able to track and nurture companies that have yet to achieve your desired parameters for investment.
Welcome2Africa International has deep level expertise, experience, and senior-level contacts with agribusiness organizations, agencies, and banks across Africa, which ensures outstanding access to deal flow.
We also have a growing global network of a diverse range of private equity and venture capital firms, institutional investors, foundations and endowments, international development institutions, professional service firms, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and those generally interested in the private sector development of Africa.
For our investors, we help to source and vet deals and provide match-making services in accordance with their respective investment/trade criteria. Where necessary we are also able to solicit for co-investors and mobilize an investment consortium. Our goal is to make it easier for investors to establish and expand their investment in Africa. We focus on alleviating ground-level obstacles to investment; hence we source for adequate information that would be necessary for our clients to make informed business/investment decisions.

​For our clients in Africa, we provide an array of services inclusive of business plans, market and business linkages, to support and attract investments.  


Our Africa Based Clients typically meet the following criteria:

  • A good track record, with proof of profitability/cash flow, with supporting documents i.e. balance sheet

  • Significant potential for further growth: evidence and plan for room for expansion.

  • Seeking growth finance of a minimum $100,000 

  • Competent management who partakes in the investment risk

  • Export performance/potential

  • Attractive entry values and good exit potential

  • A positive impact in general on rural socio-economic development – e.g. job creation, local household income increase.


Whilst our Audience consists of:

  • Leading Development Finance Institutions, such as World Bank, IFC CDC, USAID, DFID, Bio-Fund, Swedfund, DEG

  • Microfinance companies, Leasing, leading financial services companies, including Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers, Stock Brokers

  • Family Offices: CIO and senior investment team members of family offices with interest/focus on emerging market

  • Foundations: Director level and senior investment professionals with an interest in emerging markets

  • Aid Agencies: Senior level Aid Agency representatives focused on private sector development

  • Private Equity Funds with an interest in Africa



By providing the right insights, the right contacts, and viable opportunities. Our investment and trade facilitation serve the purpose of facilitating business interactions which lead to fruitful and mutually beneficial business relationships – with a special focus on Nigeria’s Agricultural sector

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